What is Freedom Club?

Freedom Club is about Education – educating you… The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freedom Club is about Freedoms – so what is Freedom? Are you Free? We watch Television – get our news from a ‘filtered’ source, Main Stream Media. Do you believe them? Is it truth?

What are some of these Freedoms you are seeking?

Personal Freedom
Would you like to control your own destiny? Use your imagination – think about what it would mean to be really free; free as our Founding Fathers intended we should be free.

Financial Freedom
Who funded your bank loan? Would you like to learn how to convert debt to cash? Would you like more money than you could spend on your own needs, or even wants?

Asset Protection
Keeping your assets free. Owning nothing, controlling everything. If there were legal and ethical means to secure your lifelong savings and investments, would you find comfort in this knowledge?

Protecting your hard earned assets from intended or mistaken harm is neither difficult nor just for the rich. Your home, autos, valuables and bank accounts can all be protected legally and safety though well established onshore and offshore solutions.

You are only a target to anyone when you have assets that can be attached or taken. Own nothing and control everything.

Health Freedom
What is more important than your health? Are you aware that natural health through nutrition, through supplementation, through education could mean real health?

The pandemics of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, cancer are modern day pandemics. There were isolated cases of these dis-eases These were not broad reaching diseases that affected one third of the population.

Are you aware that THEY want to take away your right to choose your natural health protocols, proper nutrition, adequate supplementation with vitamins or herbal preparations?

Energy Freedom
Energy independence through alternative energy protocols. What are some of the alternatives available to us?

 Pollution free fuels
 Water as fuel
 Electromagnetic power
 Zero Point power
 Solar & Wind
 Hydrogen

None of the energy solutions I have mentioned here contribute to “Green House” gases. None of these solutions contribute to “Global Warming”. Think about it. Not only can we have pollution free fuels, we can have energy solutions that require no fuel. In the early part of the last century Nikola Tesla built a vehicle that ran without requiring fuel. There are those who have that knowledge today.

This is about sharing our abundance. Sharing with people; assisting people with housing issues, making alternative health affordable for all who want it, developing energy independent solutions and helping those who can least afford the high cost of today’s energy, disaster aid, prosperity training, truth education, spiritual support.

What projects would you fund if you had financial resources well beyond your personal needs?

1) Disaster help
2) Earth/Energy
3) Education
4) Financial
5) Health
6) Housing
7) Peace
8) Political
9) Spiritual

Freedom Club USA’s non-adversarial approach is making change happen. This is what makes Freedom Club USA different. This is why Freedom Club can offer the solutions, the freedoms that we have been sharing with you. These are happening.

The earth itself is changing. We are already in change. Significant change. Will you be Free? Freedom is yours to choose.

FCUSA is here to guide each of our members to an abundant life and attract financial, health, emotional and spiritual freedoms – more than enough to give freely and help others.

The first step is to convert your Bank, IRS and CRA debt (old or new) to cash. This is not a loan but an award to you to spend as you please.

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